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Established in 2011 kolmaz is the fastest growing Perfume & Cosmetics Trading and distribution company in the GCC region.. Speed, Service and efficiency are our primary competitive advantage with unique capabilities catering to the full spectrum of export service and wholesale sectors. It is our purpose is to improve consumers’ everyday lives in meaningful ways by offering brands and products that deliver superior performance, quality and value, day after day, week after week, year after


This classic beautiful perfume stands for the great fragrance that it comprises of. This is expressive along with being emphatically delighting fragrance which touches the soul of everybody. It is available in a quantity of 100 ml of which you can count for a long time to come.


The perfume comprises of a succulent smell radiates your heart and reaches the end of your soul. Its irresistibly fresh along with vibrant smell refreshes the body and soul. Its smell makes you come alive each moment you breathe. It is available in a quantity of 100 ml which can be availed online.


This classic perfume reflects the essence of manhood. While the name seems simple, it is a masculine perfume which has refreshing agents. Its aquatic fragrance lights up any atmosphere and makes you feel as fresh as new. The smell makes you bid goodbye to stingy smell and is available in 100ml.


This perfume perfectly unites sensuousness along with freshness. The smell is so dainty and alluring that it appeals to modern users of any age. It comes in an elegant looking travel-friendly bottle which can be carried along. It is available in a quantity of 100ml while is available online for purchase.


The luscious along with succulent smell radiates spreading fresh and vibrant fragrance around. The refreshing floral scent is extremely appealing and is a perfect wear for all occasions. It can be ordered online and is available in a quantity of 100ml. The bottle is elegantly designed with a colorful and vibrant look.


The perfume is extremely masculine as the name suggests. It defines the true blend of freshness and sensuousness. It is packaged beautifully to add as a bonus. It comes in a bottle of 100ml while is elegantly designed in the colour white. Put it on the next time you go out and experience passionate smell.


This is a combination of calm along with coolness. It sports a perfect, minimalistic look which can be daunted at every occasion. It comes in an extremely classy bottle which has been designed intensively. The bottle comes in a quantity of 80 ml and is extremely travel-friendly, being completely compact.


The packaging is extremely feminine and is coloured pink. Its serene refreshing smell is suitable for daily wear. It lets you sport a minimalistic yet formal style. This perfect blend is the combination you have been looking for. It is available online in a quantity of 100ml where an order can be placed.


As the name suggests, the perfume is equally addictive. It sports a long lasting fragrance which is to linger on for hours. The sleek design of the bottle is travel-friendly and comes in a 100ml quantity. It is packed in a bottle that sports minimal yet sporting look outside.


The enticing fragrance bottle will be a great collection for your perfume. Its smell lets you stay clean and fresh all day long. It provides protection for long hours against sweat. This rejuvenating fragrance is the best option for gifting. It lets you feel confident about yourself while you can carry yourself off boldly.


This fragrance is the combination of long lasting smell along with being a refreshing one. It is packaged in a sleek bottle which looks extremely classy. The classic perfume is suitable for daily wear. Put it on while showcasing the world what you have got within. Place your order online where it is available for you.


This is an exotic luxury fragrance which stands for the man you are. It has been made with a magic formula which explores the unknown. The irresistibly seductive fragrance is perfect for all occasions. Its spectacular appeal sets you apart from that of the rest. The bottle is packaged in an extremely appealing manner which sets an ideal option for gifting.

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Our vision is to be the BEST solutions provider in the MENA region. We continue to strive towards becoming the leading company in the minds of personal perfume & Cosmetic users. As we continue to grow as a company, we are naturally gravitating towards becoming not only a major market leader, but a major distributor to other retail outlets. We aspire to deliver the highest standard of customer service and create true value for the end user. We want to enrich peoples lives through the deliverance of the most advanced communication technology. We will achieve these goals through the continuous reinforcement of our product portfolio, by being cost-effective and by strengthening our corporate culture of creativity and challenge.

To establish Kolmaz Perfumes as an important brand that represents quality in Perfumes and Deodorants. We will accomplish this using high quality manufacturing and research, a creative marketing program, and a comprehensive distribution network using both wholesale & distribution channels & internet presence. By utilizing this multi-channel approach we will be able to reach the niche market for quality perfumes & deodorants rapidly and efficiently. It will allow us to develop Kolmaz as the brand for quality Perfume and Cosmetic products within our target market.